Fitbook seems to work

We have fitbooks in our clinic. And we hear from many of our patients that they prefer the apps on their phone, but here’s a story about one fitbook user who found it really does change things up when you write things down.

I know from apps I have on my phone that it’s easy to ignore the little icon. Appears I’m not the only one who finds actually writing something down has an impact. Will this continue to be true for future generations, I don’t know. I do know that writing works. Which is why we still have those fitbooks in our clinic.

6 weeks in and 15# down

Beginning the Conversation About Water

More to come on this subject as more nephrologists and urologist (kidney and urinary tracts doctors) start to weigh in on the water trend. But baby steps for now. Here’s a quick excerpt from the June 2013 AARP Bulletin:

“Q: Do I really need to drink eight glasses of water a day to stay healthy? I just can’t seem the drink that much water! A: No. There’s no scientific evidence to support this often repeated advice. The Institution of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board, which develops dietary guidelines, concluded that most healthy people can meet their need for water by letting thirst be their guide. You can get fluids from a variety of sources including fruits, vegetables, juice, milk, coffee, soda and even beer. But if you’re over 65, you exercise strenuously, you live in a hot climate or you find yourself sweltering in the middle of a heat wave, try to drink extra fluids – Nissa Simon”